People’s Museum of history of internal Affairs of Poltava

Museum of the history of internal Affairs of Poltava region began its activities in 1967 with the Museum room at the regional Department of internal Affairs. At that time it was one of the first museums of the Soviet Union police. September 23, 1989 on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the liberation of Poltava from the Nazi invaders, this institution received a separate room-an old mansion, built in 1890, which now belongs to the architectural attractions of Poltava. Two years later he was awarded the title of people.

The exposition of the Museum is located in four halls with a total area of 198 m2. Its funds amount to nearly three thousand exhibits. These are archival documents, photos, original samples of firearms and edged weapons, personal belongings of veterans of the internal Affairs bodies, etc. The interior of the halls is characterized by original decoration and arrangement of materials, it contains masterfully made dioramas and artistic layouts.

Especially a lot of visitors in the Poltava Museum of history of internal Affairs on December 20, during the celebration of police Day. Recently, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine, August 22 is the day of memory of employees of internal Affairs bodies who died in the performance of official duties. In Poltava, near the Museum, on the corner of Pushkina and Krasnoarmeiskaya, built memorial to the fallen defenders of Poltava region law and order. It consists of a working chapel, a sculptural image of the Archangel Michael and a Memory stele created in 1999 with architects. Shevchenko, N. Karyuk, A. Snezhkin and sculptor V. Belous. This is one of the most attractive and neat places of the regional center, which is willingly visited by residents and guests of Poltava.

The young traveler for five days on foot overcame 130 kilometers to meet with his father

Distance from Poltava to Komsomolsk is about 130 km. that is the mileage with courage podala 14-year-old boy Maxim (the name is changed) that walking was getting to his father. The journey lasted for five days and had a happy ending – the son finally saw his father, and the police found the missing boy.

Maxim studied in one of boarding schools of Poltava for the second year. There he got at the time of the decision on the establishment of custody over him. His father lived in the city of Komsomolsk and from time to time visited his son in the Poltava school.

One day the boy did not appear in class. Teachers sounded alarm and with the statement for loss of the child addressed in Lenin regional Department of militia of the city of Poltava. For law enforcement this message is a resonant event, therefore, the search of the student were involved in a maximum of forces and means of police units.

Directly employees of sector of criminal militia for children of Lenin regional Department Yaroslav Ivanov, acting as the chief of KMDD, and also operatives Oleg Lyubchenko and Evgeny Zyazyun were engaged in search of the Poltava school student. Law enforcement officers tracked possible places where a child can go-Internet clubs, entertainment centers, bus and train stations, and so on.

That the boy is safe, law enforcement authorities were subsequently informed by Maxim’s father. The boy came to the house of her husband very tired, hungry and with numerous calluses on his feet. From the story of a young traveler, he walked for five days, spent the night in abandoned huts, ate the money that he received from the delivery of scrap metal. Such test he overcame for for the only goal-meeting with father.

“I really missed my dad! I promise not to run anymore!”- I promised law enforcement authorities, teachers and the native Maxim.

“Just don’t take me away!”said the six-year-old girl

Employees of the criminal police for children in the Poltava region on June 17, a RAID on the Poltava region was held. It was about dysfunctional families. The RAID was headed by a police major, head of the Criminal police Department for children of gumvd of the region Zhanna Akhidzhanyan.

On one of the farmsteads of the village váci we were met by a six-year-old girl with the words: “Just do not take me!” In the yard in the stroller sleeping little brother. Soon came out and the parents of children. At first glance it was clear that they abuse alcohol, although they deny it. In addition, they do not work anywhere and do not keep farms.

Head of the criminal police Department for children of Poltava RO Natalia Nechepurenko long time familiar with this family. Since not once came to visit them, asked to change the living conditions, lifestyle and warned about the consequences. And it gave some results! The family moved out of an abandoned house, where there was only one dirty and tattered room, in which the children did not even have their cots, to another. Here the conditions are certainly better than the previous ones. And yet this is not enough, because parents are not concerned about the sanitary condition of their own housing: in the sandbox among children’s toys are scattered bottles of beer, and dishes, bedding and dirty things. Children are dirty and not well-groomed. Given this nasty picture there is even no doubt that the police will come here often.

Grandmother (mother of landlord) is not happy appearance of such guests, but all the time, rebuked them: “would have had some help!” But how can you help people who do not want it?! Despite parental indifference children still love them, because for them they are the best. I would like adults to understand this!

The head of the criminal police Department of the region Zhanna Akhidzhanyan, who headed our delegation, said: “Unreliable families are constantly under the control of the police. Although there is enough work, there are already results in this direction and it certainly pleases!

Local police inspectors celebrate a professional holiday!

“The work of the district inspector is associated with the implementation of complex and serious functions assigned by the state! Local is universal soldier, which combines the professional qualities of the policeman, the teacher and the psychologist engaged in the prevention of crime and decides to everyday conflicts,” – began his welcome speech dedicated to the professional holiday service of District inspectors of militia Alexander Ostrainyn, the chief of militia of public security of the interior Ministry in Poltava region.

According to the quality of the service, the public assesses the work OF the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, said Alexander Ivanovich. On behalf of the head of gumvd Alexander Rudyak, the head of the MGB wished his subordinates patience, success in work, career growth and family well-being.

On the occasion of Alexander Ostrainyn congratulated the excellent service, departmental awards, commendations, diplomas and awards, and veterans services – valuable gifts. And the best representatives of the territorial divisions of the HOUSE were presented with the differences of the territorial community by Vitaly Nikipelov, Deputy mayor for the activities of the Executive bodies.

The delegate from the city authorities conveyed to the servants of Themis congratulations on the professional holiday from the mayor and the heads of local governments and noted that the regional authorities highly appreciate the interaction with the MGB units. “It depends on You the safety and protection of the public, addressed the participants of Vitaly Nkiau and seriously noticed. – Your work is very weighty in the interior Ministry, so I wish that wages correspond to the level of load that you perform”!

Poltava operatives “covered” two crack house

Operas of the October police Department of the city of Poltava was clearly helped by fortune. It took them less than two hours to expose two drug dealers and detain experienced drug dealers.

In order to get to the apartments of the drug addict, law enforcement officers, led by the acting Deputy head of the criminal investigation Department of the district police Valentin Artemyev, played the same play called “merchant-buyer”. Operatives were exactly in the “ten”: the apartment resembled a chemical laboratory with a specific smell and special equipment for the manufacture of drugs, and the rooms were crowded with customers, like patients, in line to the doctor.

According to Anatoly Gritsenko, head of the October police Department, who personally took part in “operation”, except the drug dealers, the police arrested nine drug users who have been waiting on a fresh shipment of drugs. From a crime scene withdrew the equipment, organic solvents and the substances intended for handicraft production of psychotropic substance ” Perventin»

Fortune smiled at the detectives a second time when the door of the opium den appeared the courier. He also brought police officers to other point.

“During the inspection of the room, – says Anatoly Gritsenko, – we found “shirka”, equipment for its manufacture and two convolution of cannabis (cannabis).” The conclusions of experts of The research expert-criminalistic center at gumvd testify to belonging of the withdrawn substances to drugs. “The seized syringes contains especially dangerous psychotropic substance of artisanal production – the drug of the ephedrine – confirms the chief of sector of research of materials, substances and products NIEKTS Victor Ilyashenko and notices. Is the final product, which is used by drug addicts!”

It is known that among regular customers of drug dealers there were separate taxi drivers and prostitutes. Taxi drivers, by the way, were used as intermediaries in the chain of sales of drugs. The finished product itself was consumed by drug dealers. In particular, one of them, 39-year-old Dmitry, a drug addict with 25 years of experience.

Unites associates not only business, but also a solid criminal baggage – more than 10 years spent in isolation from society for crimes related mainly to illegal trafficking of drugs!

Obviously, this time the addiction will turn out to drug dealers sideways. Upon production and storage of drugs and psychotropic substances criminal case is brought. However, while based verification of the details of illegal activities, law enforcement authorities do not hurry with the final qualification of a crime.

30-year anniversary of the capital construction service marked by professional achievements

June 17 marks 30 years since the day it operates and every year expands the field of activity Department of capital construction of gumvd of Ukraine in Poltava region.

This Department is responsible for creating a unified technical policy and ensuring state discipline in capital construction, investment planning, design work, monitoring their implementation and the like.

The 30th anniversary is undoubtedly a case of summarizing what has been done. A lot has been done. In total for years of existence of Department it is mastered (in comparable prices) more than 121 million UAH. capital investment. 35 houses for 1079 apartments, a kindergarten for 160 people, a polyclinic with a hospital for 60 beds, a sanatorium of the Ministry of internal Affairs “Mirgorod”, a Memorial complex for the fallen defenders of the law of Poltava region, a gas station were built. Reconstructed Dikansky, Zenkovsky karlivs’kyi, October and built 18 new administrative buildings of goryachyov. In 1986, ACS participated in the construction of residential houses in the village Zgurovka, Kiev region for the relocation of those affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. 4 residential houses with a total area of 225 sq. m. were built.

In a very short time (5 months), was built a complex in terms of engineering object – a Memorial complex to the fallen defenders of law and order of Poltava, which is a real monument of architecture. Construction of the Memorial worth about 1 million hryvnia, was carried out at the expense of voluntary contributions of employees of the internal Affairs bodies, ordinary citizens and numerous enterprises of the region. According to the results of the competition, which was held by the State Committee of construction, architecture and housing policy of Ukraine in 1999, the Memorial complex received a diploma. Students of state building was also a residential house on the street. Hay, and street Paving in the city of Poltava.

In 2001-2002 within implementation of the State program of housing construction for the military personnel and persons of the ordinary and commanding structure of law – enforcement bodies investments of the enterprises – payers of the income tax-10,6 million hryvnias are mastered and 5514 square meters of total area of housing are received.

Considering that the effective and successful work of police officers largely depends on the conditions of labor, in 2002-2003, the Agency was able to complete the construction and commissioning of such protracted as IVS lokhvitskiy RO, RO Chernuhinska administrative building and the administrative building of Ministry of internal Affairs film logical center. At the end of 2002, they celebrated a housewarming party in a new, equipped with modern computer equipment, communication facilities and furniture in the administrative building.

In 2008 the group commissioned the PMU administrative building with an area of 4976 sq m and completed construction of the unfinished – adding to the administrative building of gumvd of Ukraine in Poltava region. Completion of an area of 2648 square meters consists of sports and Assembly halls, offices and support facilities. By the way, this is the first sports facility in the region that meets international requirements for competitions in competitive sports, the sports hall coverage is made by the Dutch technology, which has no analogues in Ukraine today. Put into operation the administrative building of the Poltava municipal government of gumvd, with a total area of 4976 sq. m., meets all modern requirements.

All these achievements were acquired in different years under the leadership of such chiefs: Lieutenant Colonel of internal service Fyodor Ivanovich Toryanik, police Colonel Alexei Pavlovich Demenko, police Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Eduardovich Slutsky and the current chief-police Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Tikhonovich Safronov.

“I have always been pleased to work in a team of experienced and responsible professionals who invest in the work of all their skills and abilities. Therefore, on the occasion of the professional holiday I wish all professional achievements, peace, harmony, confidence in the future. I Express my sincere gratitude to the employees and veterans of the Department”, – said Nikolai Safronov, congratulating the staff of the service on the professional holiday.

Parents, pay attention to your children! Before it’s too late…

Adolescence is a very difficult time not only for the youngest children and girls, but also for the people that surround them. It is difficult for teenagers, because they are included in the so-called “transition” period of their lives, when there is a mass of seemingly insurmountable problems, such as appearance, relationships with peers, self-assertion in the team, first love. For parents and teachers, this period is also not easy, because they gradually lose influence and authority in the eyes of children, do not understand them, such minor (from the point of view of an adult) problems and doubts.
It is during this period that it is very important to pay as much attention to children as possible, because often they, trying to be among those who are considered leaders, fall under the negative influence, which can lead to a number of undesirable consequences, including their involvement in criminal activities.
It is impossible to ignore the fact that teenagers aged 13 years and older are inherent in creating their own ideals and idols, the desire to be part of a company or group, to be friends with elders. Children who, for one reason or another, do not meet the criteria and standards set by the leaders of youth groups often experience all kinds of bullying, bullying and even physical violence. By the way, in our time, developed information technology and extensive technical capabilities of bullying become more distorted.
For example, last year in the city of Gadyach five underage girls were filmed on a mobile phone, where there are scenes of beating a 10th grade student of one of the local schools. The girl was not only beaten, but also forced to kneel, kiss their feet, made her inscriptions on her face, verbally humiliated. Then the video was distributed among young people from phone to phone, until this record came to the attention of the criminal police officers for children.

Showing cruelty and aggression, following the so-called herd instinct, teenagers do not think, and maybe do not know that for such actions they are already subject to criminal liability, that for one such rash act can spoil their whole life with the stigma of “criminal”, which thus destroys not only their own lives, but also the lives of another, often innocent child.
A sad example of this is the case that occurred on the eve of the new Year in one of the Poltava schools during sports competitions between students of 10 and 11 classes. A grade 11 student pushed the 10th-grader away, slamming him in the face. After some time in the 10-teklanika have a nosebleed. Later, the boy was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with “closed craniocerebral trauma”. The boy underwent two operations, but soon died in hospital. At present, a criminal case has been initiated against the intentional infliction of serious bodily harm resulting in death.
It also happens that bullying children become for the latter a serious injury, through which they even resort to the fact that to leave life.
By the way, in 2007 in the Poltava region there was an increase in children’s suicides: 8 children’s attempts to take their own lives, 6 lost lives. Often, the reasons that push children to this step, and remain unidentified. But not the last importance is the environment in which the child is. Recently, various informal youth movements have become widespread, grouping young people on the basis of common views on life, Hobbies, problems and the like. To assert that it is unequivocally negative phenomenon we cannot, however, parents should look closely at the changed behavior of their children, because the individual currents are advocating is far from comprehensive love and caring.
As an example, a recent suicide attempt 15-year-old Poltava. The girl jumped from the roof of the 10-storey building, however, fortunately, not only survived, but did not get a single fracture. However, damage to some internal organs and brain injury, for sure, in the future, more than once will remind you of yourself. On a place of suicide militiamen found her diary in which the girl wrote down the thoughts, feelings, problems and plans for the future. The last notes said that the child is seriously thinking about how to commit suicide. The fact that she was a member of the youth movement “EMO” (the name comes from the word emotion, emotional). When law enforcement officers, exploring the possibility of the influence of the philosophy of this course is on the mind of the child, went to the Internet site of this youth, was terrified of the continuous propaganda of the futility of life, and therefore suicidal behavior.
In early autumn Poltava horrified by the murder of 15-year-old schoolgirl. The girl was part of the youth, which is called “Goth”. Its representatives can be easily recognized with a predominance of black colors in clothing, makeup, black nails and hair. They’re going to the landing, near the Technical University. This place is known as “Canyon”or ” California”. That’s where the girl’s body was found. Law enforcement authorities found out that late at night, after drinking a considerable amount of alcohol together with two more “Goths”, between this Trinity quarrel because of which the girl and killed broke out.
Some other trends, for example, the so-called “Rastamans” promote entry into the state of Nirvana, which is usually achieved by Smoking cannabis.
“Skinheads” (from ang. shaved head) promoting intolerance of other races and nationalities. Often these protests are accompanied by mass fights.
Thus, it is clear that some currents really promote violence, cruelty, drug addiction and the like. Others are peace-loving behind their philosophy, however, no one can guarantee that the child will not fall under the influence of bad company, or become their victim.
It should be emphasized that the existence of various trends and movements is not prohibited by law, and therefore law enforcement officers have no right to interfere in their activities. Unfortunately, it becomes the competence of the police only when an offense or a crime is committed.
Therefore, at this stage, it is very important that in such a difficult and complex adolescence, parents pay more attention to their children, watched their behavior, were interested in the environment. Between parents and teachers should be established a close relationship, because time to notice changes in the child will prevent its involvement in criminal activity or, conversely, to stop violence against her.