People’s Museum of history of internal Affairs of Poltava

Museum of the history of internal Affairs of Poltava region began its activities in 1967 with the Museum room at the regional Department of internal Affairs. At that time it was one of the first museums of the Soviet Union police. September 23, 1989 on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the liberation of […]

The young traveler for five days on foot overcame 130 kilometers to meet with his father

Distance from Poltava to Komsomolsk is about 130 km. that is the mileage with courage podala 14-year-old boy Maxim (the name is changed) that walking was getting to his father. The journey lasted for five days and had a happy ending – the son finally saw his father, and the police found the missing boy. […]

“Just don’t take me away!”said the six-year-old girl

Employees of the criminal police for children in the Poltava region on June 17, a RAID on the Poltava region was held. It was about dysfunctional families. The RAID was headed by a police major, head of the Criminal police Department for children of gumvd of the region Zhanna Akhidzhanyan. On one of the farmsteads […]

Local police inspectors celebrate a professional holiday!

“The work of the district inspector is associated with the implementation of complex and serious functions assigned by the state! Local is universal soldier, which combines the professional qualities of the policeman, the teacher and the psychologist engaged in the prevention of crime and decides to everyday conflicts,” – began his welcome speech dedicated to […]

Poltava operatives “covered” two crack house

Operas of the October police Department of the city of Poltava was clearly helped by fortune. It took them less than two hours to expose two drug dealers and detain experienced drug dealers. In order to get to the apartments of the drug addict, law enforcement officers, led by the acting Deputy head of the […]

30-year anniversary of the capital construction service marked by professional achievements

June 17 marks 30 years since the day it operates and every year expands the field of activity Department of capital construction of gumvd of Ukraine in Poltava region. This Department is responsible for creating a unified technical policy and ensuring state discipline in capital construction, investment planning, design work, monitoring their implementation and the […]

Parents, pay attention to your children! Before it’s too late…

Adolescence is a very difficult time not only for the youngest children and girls, but also for the people that surround them. It is difficult for teenagers, because they are included in the so-called “transition” period of their lives, when there is a mass of seemingly insurmountable problems, such as appearance, relationships with peers, self-assertion […]